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Our Factory

Our design studio, products and consulting services have been recognised as award winning in quality, contemporary solutions. Our factory is powered by a dynamic team of playmakers, designers and craftsmen determined to create and produce the best play equipment and playgrounds – because that’s how we can create or ‘build’ better people, better communities and a better world

Our showroom shows it all – and our products led by our signature range of PlayOn soft play items is proof of our commitment. We are ready to go to play every day. It is our purpose – and we’ve experienced the power of play.

It’s magic. It’s the best feel-good job in the world. Working in Africa, our factory (and family of workers) are able to offer the advantage world-standard products produced cost-effectively – so we can provide quality play equipment for less. If someone else can offer what we can for less, we support them – because our business is creating playgrounds and environments created to make a better world that works better, because we can.