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PlayOn develops innovative indoor and outdoor play solutions and products for children (aged 0-100!) Since our inception in 2003, we’ve grown into an award-winning design studio, factory & showroom buzzing with a dynamic team of playmakers, designers and craftsmen.

our products

Soft Play

PlayOn is our in-house, in-demand, bespoke range of developmental soft play equipment designed for schools, play centres, therapists and homes – distributed all over South Africa and exported to cities including Dubai, London, Sydney and New York.

Outdoor Jungle Gyms

PlayOn is the South African agent for Kompan – the world’s leading brand of exclusive jungle gym systems.

We have developed and modified a second range of jungle gym systems PlayOn Jungle that are produced by our manufacturing partners in Asia.

Plastic Play and Fitness equipment

We supply a wide range of plastic systems and products as well as products for exercise and rehabilitation.


PlayOn distributes a wide range of games including:

Goldiblox, Zoob, Quercetti, Smartmax and Smart games.

our beginnings.

PlayOn was founded by Colin Levin, also known in industry circles as the ‘Peter Pan of free play’ and go-to guy for anything play related in 2003. The former engineer, with his ability to tap into the unhibited and imaginative world of children, put his skills to ideal use in re-imagining and designing PlayOn, the in-house brand of Geppetto’s World.

Levin is passionate about play and its ability to develop children and community. The PlayOn product line was developed collaboratively with therapists, educationalists, children and their parents where each creation was the result of a need, a gap in the market. Over the years, piece by piece, an extensive product range has emerged.

the inspiration.

Reggio Emelia the small town in Italy that redefined early childhood development and education after the war, places huge importance on the role of the environment, space, architecture and design in learning and development.

When creating product, we try and think of multiple ways children can interact with a piece, to express what Mary Featherstone refers to as “purposeful yet flexible design.” By using modular non-prescriptive shapes, we are better able to faciliate creativity and non-directed play. To make space for imagination where a different type of learning can take place.

believe in the power of play.

Play is essential. It contributes to the development of cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being. It brings life into stagnant space; fast tracking creativity, connection and development. Play is universal and has meaning for us all but for children it’s as essential as healthy food, fresh air and good education. It’s the place where they learn and understand their world.